Victoria VYNN Gel Polish & Hybrid

Salon Quality Gel Nail Polish

We respond to the needs of our Clients by offering a rich variety of colors with hybrid gel nail polishes of different coverage and effects, in over 250 colors.

The Pure hybrid polishes meet the expectations of women in the whole world! We create our collections in accordance with the latest trends, we respond to the needs of our customers and we emphasize the beauty of their hands!
Let yourself go and reach for the reliable Pure hybrid in colors for every occasion!

  • professional gel nail polish colours
  • Hybrid Nail Gel nail polish

What to Expect from Victoria VYNN Salon Gel Nail Polishes?!

  • The Gel Polish system comprises classic, durable hybrid polishes cured in UV and LED lamps. The system contains bases and tops of different properties, durability and finish. Designed to be cured in UV / LED lamps.
  • The Pure Creamy Hybrid system comprises creamy hybrid polishes of excellent coverage and durability. It’s a formula with a high safety index, free of an irritating smell and removable with cosmetic alcohol. The short and flat brush, designed especially for the Pure line of products, facilitates even application. The system allows you to create ultra-thin hybrid manicures. Cured only in LED lamps.

The Collection is complete with our Amazing Preparation Products Such as: Cuticle Oil No Wipe Topcoat…etc

We also provide Gel Nail Polish Kits! Check Out!

New Gel Polish & Creamy Hybrid Coming Out Soon!