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Professional Nail Art Supplies. Simply Amazing

Decorating nails requires “only, and as much as” imagination, precision and well-chosen products. One-color hybrid manicure is a classic, but decorations are also fashionable. Check our Victoria VYNN Nail Art Professional Products and reach for products that will create art painted by you on your nails. Manicure can be interesting and surprising. Good Luck!

  • victoria vynn nail art high pigment gel 3d gel spider gel
  • victoria vynn nail art high pigment gel 3d gel spider gel

What do we mean by Professional Nail Art Supplies?

Victoria VYNN Painter High Pigments are intended for decorating with all techniques. Thick consistency, saturated pigmentation, and full coverage are the key features of pigments for creating art decorations on nails. All colors can be freely mixed with each other, with hybrid polishes, as well as with a hybrid top, obtaining new shades. Cured in a UV and LED lamp.

Victoria VYNN Art Gel 3D are gels with strong pigmentation, recommended for various types of decorations or as a uniform layer on nails. The offer includes gels with a dispersion layer: Art Gel 3DArt Gel 3D Smart White and without the dispersion layer Art Gel 3D no wipe. Cured in a UV and LED lamp.

Diamonds are made of diamonds! And this is exactly the effect our new Brillant Gel gives. The phenomenal collection is a gallery of 9 colors, the beauty of which is transferred to the nails, arouses unique emotions and emphasizes the delicacy of the moment.

More from Our Professional Nail Art Supplies!

Victoria VYNN Spider Gel is a flexible gel for decorating, perfect for making spectacular and, at the same time, very fast nail art. The dense, rubber consistency allows you to make perfectly straight lines and any geometric patterns. It can be applied on gel, acrylic gel and hybrid polishes. It has a dispersion layer, which enables dust to be rubbed in. Requires protection with a hybrid top. Victoria VYNN Spider Gel is Cured under UV and LED lamp.

Blur Ink is a fantastic collection of eight colorful inks for nail art decorations. Perfect for marble, smoke, smudge and watercolor designs.

Victoria VYNN Nail Powder Dusts, when applied on white polish, give a charming gloss, which makes them ideal for wedding sterilizations. Two methods of the application : sprinkled on an uncured Top or rubbed into the dispersion layer of a light colored hybrid polish.

New Professional Nail Art Supplies Coming Out Soon!