Staleks PRO Adhesive Nail File Refill Donut Roll

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The Popular Staleks PRO Adhesive Nail File Refill Donut Roll is among the most efficient and professional Nail Tool any Nail Technician can have!  A wide range of Sizes, Grits, Types and Colors are available in this category. Victoria VYNN has Partnered with Staleks in Canada to provide a Full Professional Package of Products to make the Work of the Nail Technician Completely Ideal.

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Staleks PRO Adhesive Nail File Refill Donut Roll

  • the ability to measure the length of the disposable file by yourself
  • up to 80 disposable files per roll
  • high quality abrasive
  • does not soak in water
  • reliable adhesive layer
  • compact size
  • plastic case protects the abrasive tape from contamination and damage
  • special clip for easy division of abrasive tape
  • savings due to the absence of the need to re-purchase a plastic container (Spare Case Available Separately)
  • caring for the environment by reducing plastic consumption
  • mineral abrasive material silicon carbide
  • high-quality Swiss premium abrasive that retains its properties for a long time (Exclusive)
  • tools with this coating allow you to give your nails the perfect appearance (Exclusive)
  • easily correct and smooth the nail plate; the result is achieved faster than on other grades of emery (Exclusive)

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Black (Expert), Green (Exclusive), White (Expert)


240, 100, 150, 180


No Case (Spare), Plastic Case


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