Victoria VYNN Gel Polish No. 344 Whatever

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Collection: Salon Gel Polish Feel the Flow Collection

Product Specifications:


rubber base coat






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The Gel Polish system comprises classic, durable hybrid polishes cured in UV and LED lamps. The system contains bases and tops of different properties, durability and finish.

We respond to the needs of our Clients by offering a rich variety of colors with hybrid polishes of different coverage and effects, in over 200 colors.

Victoria VYNN Gel Polish Color is a light-curable line of hybrid varnishes, which is used in two types of styling: 3-stage Hybrid System and 4-stage Soak Off System. Gel Polish Color impresses with the quality of styling and possible applications – one color palette, two types of styling.

Product Specifications:

  • For use in Hybrid and Soak Off manicure.
  • Lacquer-gel formula.
  • Two thin layers provide perfect coverage and color depth.
  • It spreads evenly, without streaks.
  • A wide range of colors: enamels, glitters, pastels, neon, semi-transparent and French colors

Information complémentaire

Weight0.0485 kg
Dimensions2.2 × 2.2 × 7.6 cm


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